Branding and menu design for Chef Heather Jansz’s restaurant, A Taste of Sri Lanka


Heather Jansz, better known as The Curry Diva, has always dreamed of bringing the exotic and tropical spices, flavors and tastes of the East to the rest of the world. Heather’s current pop-up diner and catering business, The Curry Diva, needed a fresh look and modern appeal. A Taste of Sri Lanka is a restaurant concept that will be pitched to restaurant management in the Minneapolis/St.Paul airport.


Heather’s food is all about being healthy, soul-satisfying, and colorful. Her style of Sri-Lankan casual dining food was designed to activate all senses of the mouth. The branding for A Taste of Sri Lanka needed to also radiate the same rich color and happiness that is seen in Heather’s cuisine.

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