Thailand Travel Vlog

I DID IT. I finally finished it! My travel vlog from Thailand (1 year ago, not late at all)! Watch me crash into a wall on a wooden cart, visit the Hmong villages, and many other adventures that I still think about to this very day.

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Adora Vangtravel, vlog, thailand
Snow Way Out

It's about 7pm now. My siblings and I are in the middle of a movie but I think to myself, "We should definitely go shovel the driveway now if I want to get to work tomorrow."

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Adora Vangwinter
The Beginning

The intention is not to gain the most followers, become a blogging sensation, or have a boatload of sponsors. The intention is to create content that reflects an authentic and true version of me.

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Adora Vangempower, self-love