2017, You Were Good To Me

Milestone after milestone. Adventure after adventure. Even heartbreak after heartbreak. 2017 was definitely my year. I grew. I learned. I loved.

  • 2017 started off with an event that no person ever wants to experience. The death of a loved one. Grandma Chia Lo Vang, my dad's mom, who has lived with us our entire lives, passed away on January 13. Our house felt so empty for so long without Grandma there. There's not a day that goes by where I think about her. A big part of my 2017 was healing.

  • After four LONG and exhausting years, I am proud to be a part of the Class of 2017 as a graduate of the University of Minnesota. Through grueling nights of studying for exams, stressing about presentations, and enduring endless lectures, the three words that would always get me through were, "It Will Pass."

  • Flying overseas to Thailand with 23 people – a once in a lifetime experience.  Getting to see, smell, touch, and listen to the sounds of the country where my parents lived before they came to America was such a humbling moment for me. Vacationing in Thailand for 5 weeks gave me a revitalized look on my path in life and the countless blessings I have in the United States.

  • After a thrilling and exhausting summer, I landed my first big girl, full-time job. Worried that all the interesting jobs would already be taken in September by the time I got back from Thailand, I applied for a few in the Twin Cities area hoping for a chance. And of course, God always comes through. ;)