Top 5 Thailand Moments

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This past summer, I traveled across Thailand for five weeks with my family and a medley of other families as well. There were so many incredible moments that we experienced, ones that I will never forget! Here are my TOP 5, starting with number five and finishing up with my top moment!

5. Laser Tag in Bangkok

Seriously, who knew laser tag could be so exhausting? 15 minutes of non-stop shooting, ducking, shuffling on my knees and dodging behind panels while forgetting who was on my team half the time. But the reason it's on the list is because I remembered what it had felt like to be a kid again. I also learned that I was really out of shape.


4. Breakfast at the Santhiya Phuket Island Resort and Spa

The Santhiya Resort in general was just SPECTACULAR. It's funny because when we first arrived on the island, it didn't look special at all. It was unimpressive and just looked like the other parts of Thailand we had already seen. But once we got on the trucks that wove us through the paths of the island and plopped us outside the gates of the resort, it was like we had just entered a whole new place.

We traveled to Phuket early on in our entire Thailand trip, and since we were mostly on the road since our arrival in Thailand, we mostly would eat 711 convenience store food or not-always-fresh vendor food on the side of the road. But the breakfast on this resort was one of the earliest encounters I can recall in which I was thoroughly impressed with the food, and the view was a PLUS.


3. Eating Spicy & Sour Pork Tender Soup @ the Night Market

Yum. Just yum. Funny that another item on the list is about food. This was my all time FAVORITE dish I had in Thailand. It was light, refreshing, spicy, and also the perfect ratio of meat and broth. My mom tried making this dish once we came back from Thailand but it just wasn't the same. This particular night market we went to on this day was also the best one we went to throughout the entire trip. I would definitely recommend it (if I knew the name of the market... and the city).


2. Visiting The Royal Palace Grounds & Dressing up in Traditional Thai Clothing

I just really enjoyed this day, mostly because it was so spontaneous. We had no idea where we were going, and I don't even think the tour guides knew we were going here today. It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing!

Each individual got to choose which pant color and shirt color they would wear. It took me a loonnng time to finally decide on a pair of colors, and it was interesting to see what everyone else came up with. I loved the vibrant colors. I loved the picture-taking. I just loved being with my family.

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1. Shopping in Chiang Mai

It's no secret. I LOVE shopping. And in Chiang Mai that's literally what we did every single night, especially since we were about 1 minute away from the large night markets. We stayed in this city for 3 days and 3 nights, and I found something new every time we visited the outdoor shops. The exchange rate in Thailand was definitely in our favor as Americans.

$1 US = 30 baht. To put it in perspective: you could get a meal for around 50 baht, or a maxi dress or a pair of nice sandals for 100 baht.

I guess I was so busy shopping and browsing that I did not take many pictures of the markets! The picture on the left is a two-piece outfit I bought for 150 baht. The picture on the right is a quick shot I snapped on our first day.

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