Snow Way Out

As I'm watching from the window through the plastic blinds, the snow continues to collect on the ground – and it doesn't stop. A huge 4-foot boulder in our backyard is barely visible now. All I see is white snow that flurries in the wind and assembles itself on anything that is visible.

It's about 7pm now. My siblings and I are in the middle of a movie but I think to myself, "We should definitely go shovel the driveway now if I want to get to work tomorrow." We put on our coats, mittens, a double layer of socks, and our snow boots. I let my foot fall onto the last step that leads to the walkway and -PLOP- my entire shin disappears into the snow. It's at least up to my knees – 24 inches of snow!

I take the shovel staked in front of our house. My brother finds two extra shovels in the garage. He gives one to my sister and starts shoveling the driveway with the other. It literally takes all the strength I have in my arms to dig into the snow and lift it up all in the same motion. I tell my siblings to only help me shovel as wide as the width of my car because there's no way we would have enough strength to do the whole driveway which is the width of 4 cars and the length of 7. So there we are, shoveling away in the night. Every few minutes our front house lights would shut off and I'd have to tell my sister to go inside and turn them on again. It felt like hours before we were finally able to carve a path that would let my car barely make it to the main road. Cold from the snow but sweaty from the work , we finally go back inside with just a few frozen toes and snow stuck on our pants.

Throughout the night, I start to panic and wonder if my car will get stuck tomorrow morning. Will I have to call in to work and tell them I can't get out of my driveway? The snow is deep, I'm sure they would understand. But I have so much work to do! I can't afford to fall behind even more. I brush it off and put an end to my thoughts. I've done the best I can with my energy and time.

The next morning, I go outside to start my car and I am in awe of what I see: our driveway perfectly plowed, from front to end and side to side. The small path we shoveled the night before is gone, and now expands to allow four cars through! You can tell a large truck was used because the walls of snow are barricaded against the outlines of the driveway. That sure beats having to do it by hand like we had to. I have no idea who could have done it, and why, but I am so grateful to them because I did not have an ounce of worry in me. I knew I was getting to work today, and I knew I would be taken care of. God provides in the most mysterious and wondrous ways.


Adora Vangwinter