The Beginning


This is the beginning of what I think will be a fun and interesting journey of self-discovery. No one knows this, but I actually started a blog about two years ago. I bought the domain, designed a few art elements to brand my blog, and thought of several blog topics, however I ended up deleting it after a week because it was just too hectic. With college, a part-time job, an internship, my design “business” and multiple social media channels to monitor, I had to cut out the blog because it just wasn’t something that I considered a primary item on my to-do list.

Now that I’ve graduated from college, landed a full-time job, and finally have some free time on my hands, I think it’s a perfect time to restart what I couldn’t finish (yet even start). I like to think  my life is interesting and I go on fun adventures, or I have moments that make me go, “Aha! I finally get it!” and I plan to share those remarkable moments with you.

My inspiration comes from many different sources, one of them being the launches of two new blogs, one from my cousin, Manuria ( and the second from my friend, Alex ( Just hearing them talk about their ideas of starting a blog and then actually seeing them follow through with it gave me the motivation to dive in and just do it! I have a tendency to start something and quit after a few days, and I realize that it’s just very unproductive and does not help build perseverance at all. Therefore, I am creating this blog as a promise to myself to finish what I start. Another inspiration for this blog is something that I know I have been put on this earth to do, and that is to encourage others–with sharing the words that God has spoken to me so you may also make sense of what God is trying to share with you.

So the creation of this very blog you have navigated to is the perfect alignment of these inspirations at just the right time.

The intention is not to gain the most followers, become a blogging sensation, or have a boatload of sponsors. The intention is to create content that reflects an authentic and true version of me.

Adora Vangempower, self-love