Being My Own Being

I do a lot of things by myself. Shopping. Driving. Cleaning. Watching TV episodes in bed.

But today was different... I ran some errands after work and although they were ordinary errands like going to the store, getting the air checked in my tires, getting a bite to eat, I feel like I really bonded with myself. I enjoyed the alone time I had with myself, and even though I had no one to physically communicate with, it was one of the best conversations I've had with anyone in awhile. Just with myself. The things my inner self and I talk about like, our dreams, the people we know, the things we want to accomplish – I just get myself. Being alone without the constant concern of coming up with topics to talk about, someone nagging you to stop looking at scrapbook paper and checkout, was satisfyingly peaceful.

Usually, I'd order something to-go and bring it home to eat, however today I decided to dine-in. Eating Panera by myself at a small square table with everyone around me with their friends, family members, or laptop to keep them company, I sat there with just my bowl of salad and my plate of noodles, unashamed that I was there alone. I didn't feel lonely. I didn't feel outcasted or unwanted. In fact, I felt... Empowered. I've grown to love myself so much that I didn't feel pathetic or friendless in this moment. I felt like a person who was so in tune with herself that she wouldn't allow the fear of looking like a loner to keep her from spending one-on-one time with her own being.

Adora Vangself-love, empower