Branding and event design for The United Hmong Family’s biggest event, the Hmong International Freedom Festival


The organization needed a fresh rebrand to appeal to the younger Hmong generation. The center of the logo is a traditional Hmong pattern that represents mountains, the place where the Hmong people originated and called home. The 13 triangles encircling the center pattern represent the 13 Hmong clans that exist in our society today. They all are equal and symmetrical to represent equality and inclusion. The Hmong International Freedom Festival, also known as the July 4th Hmong Soccer tournament, attracts over 800 people from around the nation. Athletes are able to showcase their talents with tournaments in soccer, volleyball, and flag football. Spectators come to watch the teams compete, enjoy authentic hmong food from the various food vendors, or roam the markets to see the latest clothing trends and music. I was asked by the United Hmong Family, Inc. to join as a committee member for the event where I was in charge of design/marketing and advertising fulfillment.

T-Shirt Mockup.jpg
2018_J4 Bball Mockup.jpg
J4 Family Fun_Umbrellas-01.jpg